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Talent Management

We promote the achievement of corporate objectives.

Talent Management is the management software that allows the Human Resources Department and all business directors to have any information they need to facilitate and promote the achievement of corporate objectives.

With Talent Management you can manage all organizational aspects: from recruitment to definition of roles and responsibilities, training and evaluationremuneration policiesand management of objectives. Completely web-based, Talent Management has workflow tools that allow you to decentralize staff and their supervisors’ processes (performance evaluation, management skills, training requests and enrollments, etc. ) with significant benefits in terms of simplification and cost reduction.

Employee dossier

The Web HR Management system allows, through an individual information record, monitoring the professional development, salary, training and assessment of each collaborator.   The record can also be accessed by managers directly from the HR portal. The various sections are configurable and access to the information is governed by defined security groups. 

The “Employee Dossier” allows collecting the information stored in the various applications into a real information dossier that can be configured and printed.  

Sections of the Dossier

  • Photo and identification data;
  • Contractual data: hiring, termination, nature of relationship, part-time %, etc.
  • History of changes in qualification and level;
  • History of positions held and company transfers with indication of the reference manager;
  • Last salary situation with details of the salary highlighting deviations in the last five years (from 31/12);
  • History (with depth definable by the Company) of salaries paid: one-off payments, incentives, awards, bonuses, merit increases, CCNL increases, advancements;
  • Display of future salary actions approved;
  • Annual progressions of the last five years for monitoring overtime, allowances, absences, etc.
  • Benefits and equipment supplied: car, accommodation, mobile phone, notebook, etc.
  • Deviation from the internal salary band and/or reference market;
  • History of training courses;
  • History of assessments;
  • Online CV in European format;
  • History of disciplinary measures;
  • Willingness to travel;
  • Holiday situation, A.P. and A.C. rol
  • Warning: to highlight personnel who have been absent for a long time or whose indicators are outside the norm managed in the section of salary progressions and absenteeism.

Talent & Compensation

This module provides functions that support Companies in the management of talent and compensation. The “talent” in the context of the HR Management system is understood to be in the broadest sense, and covers very different processes, from evaluation of the job position (and therefore, evaluation of the “job coverage” by employees) to evaluation of performances, the potential and related processes, such as management of careers and successions.Similarly, the term compensation refers to all the strategies and pay policies, and to the management of salary reviews and incentive programs.
The Talent and Compensation module therefore is a valid support to Customers in the area of Talent Management.

HR Management provides the Personnel Department with a configurable archive of salary items that can be imported periodically from the Payroll system (Zucchetti or another). A calculation engine allows processing additional elements through formulas that can be defined for each installation and that can retrieve not only payroll items but also master fields.

In particular, the system allows defining and monitoring:

  • the fixed part of the salary (RAL) and its increments / shifts over time;
  • the meritocratic variable part (RGA, total bonuses, incentives)….its increments / shifts over time;
  • the variable part linked to attendance: overtime, daily allowances... and related trends over time;
  • benefits managed (car, accommodation, etc.) and relative attributes (model, licence plate, mileage, etc.) definable by the company;
  • the history of increments/changes in each pay element of interest to the Company.


The Training module for Web Resources allows managing and controlling all the activities relating to training within the company, from definition of the budget and collection of the training needs, to definition of training programs, organisation of the operations, control of costs and reporting of the activities.


The system supports the training service in the collection and definition of training needs through two system functions:

  • analysis of requests for training requirements communicated by the different managers, via a form available in the system,  
  • analysis of the skills possessed.

The HR Department is able to collect the training requests sent by managers in order to formulate the budget and training programmes (hours, costs, sessions to be organised). 

A catalogue of courses organised into various thematic areas and types can be defined in the system, specifying different details of information:

  • Definition: course title, subject, validity;
  • Trainers: indication of internal and/or external teachers;
  • Skills: indication of the skills that the course aims to develop;
  • Specific courses: indication of the positions, branch offices, professional groups, etc. to which the course is aimed;
  • Prerequisites: indication of the minimum prerequisites for accessing the course;
  • Objectives and contents: definition of objectives and contents;
  • Documents: for attaching the material;
  • Connections: for inserting links to other sites containing information on the course;
  • Attestations: model of the attestation issued upon participation in the course;
  • Evaluations: model of the course evaluation questionnaire.

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