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Practice Area

HR Management

Human Resource Services

Our human resource services include advisory, technology and administration solutions to help you effectively manage your HR programs while engaging your employees in their health, wealth and careers. We help you to align your interests with employees’ work-life needs across their health, wealth and careers.


Management Consulting

We help you to transform your business and increase value with business strategy consulting solutions targeted to your specific operational and tactical needs. We support organizations at every stage of their business lifecycles, regardless of the size of your organization and where you do business, we’re able to support you with setting and coordinating your global HR strategy. We offer a comprehensive approach to the provision of global HR and benefits advisory services. We create actionable insights for our clients, enabling rapid decision making and value creation to increase profit, increase revenue and be Ready (with strategy), be Set (with planning) and Grow (with implementation and ongoing support).

Assistance on

  • Expat Management
  • Business Innovation, Strategy and Planning
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Business Technology Optimization
  • Change and Culture
  • Coaching


Our HR and benefits administration solutions take the pressure off you, enabling your HR people to do what they do best. We know that companies need to be nimble, so putting the responsibility for administrative functions in the hands of experienced professionals unburdens your HR organization to be a strategic force in the business. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to administration. Our team has worked with organizations of all sizes to solve their most complex HR and benefits challenges. Our administration solutions are designed to be personalized and scalable, with technology and data analytics supporting processes and decision making. With a wide range of administration solutions, we can create a better experience for your employees while reducing your bottom line.

Our support area in administration

  • Defined Benefit Plan Administration
  • Defined Contribution Plan Administration
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Global Payroll Services
  • HR as a Service (HRaaS)
  • On-Premises HR Outsourcing


We help you to create a clear people strategy on Compensation and Talent Management to make your HR policies and total rewards programs more efficient, engaging, and cost-effective.


  • Compensation Consulting
  • Global Payroll Services
  • HR as a Service (HRaaS)
  • On Premise HR Outsourcing
  • Talent Management Consulting

Engagement and Commitment

Our Employee Engagement/Commitment through Communication and Technology Program help you to understand how delivering the right messages at the right time in the right way, this can really engage your people so you both get the most from your career, health and wealth programs. Employees are one of your most valuable assets. Enabling them to be better consumers of the programs you offer helps them be more physically, emotionally and fiscally healthy. In turn, that enables them to become more engaged in their jobs, leading to a higher-performing workforce. In short, if they’re healthy, your organization is healthy. We help organizations get the right message to the right people at the right time using the right channels – from social communications to highly personalized technology solutions, such as portals and decision support tools. Backed by sound analytics, our strategic, tailored employee engagement solutions help drive desired audience behaviors, strengthen your organizational culture and deliver improved business results. Focus on the programs that matter personally to employees – the compensation and benefit plans that support their physical and financial well-being. Drive ideal wellness outcomes with targeted incentives and messaging. We help you to communicate your total value for employees and enhance your ability to attract, retain and motivate the high-caliber people needed to achieve your business objectives.


  •     Change Management
  •     Compensation and Career
  •     Compliance
  •     Consumerism and Behavior Change
  •     Corporate and Leadership
  •     Culture Change
  •     Decision Support Tools
  •     Design and Branding
  •     Employee Listening
  •     Global Communication
  •     Global HR Portals and Total Reward Systems
  •     Health and Financial Well-being
  •     HR Strategy
  •     Interactive Games, Social Media, Mobile Apps
  •     Online and Print Statements
  •     Total Rewards/Employee Value Proposition
  •     Smart Working Plans

Specialist in payroll, labor law, organization, company law, bankruptcy, tax and administrative outsourcing

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