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Time Attendance

To control incoming and outgoing flow of people and vehicles during the day

The system is designed so that the vehicles and people (employees, visitors, external companies) are identified and authorized to enter and leave the company. Identification and authorization of all the vehicles takes place using an automatic barrier at the entrance and one at the exit of the production sites, which has to vehicle posts. Vehicles are checked using TAGs that may be badges or labels applied to the vehicle’s windscreen. The post aerial detects the tag information and based on access credentials and authorizations, authorizes the barrier to be raised.
Pedestrians are identified on a tripod turnstile placed near the reception.
Employees can register with their badge - using the attendance monitoring terminals installed in the company - only after passing through the control gates.
The system shows the exact number and respective name of people inside the production site in real time to the staff in change, and in this way any evacuations required at gathering stations in the event of emergencies can be managed in total safety.

Time and Attendance is accessible from any place through any type of Internet/Intranet connection and best manages data collection in companies/entities with decentralized functions with more headquarters, branches, stores and working sites. 
The solution allows branches to manage Time and Attendance via web in complete autonomy, without having to install the software at their premises. The solution has a modular structure, composed of a Time and Attendance basic module and of different complementary modules among which: Time and Attendance Sheet, Weekly and Monthly Planning.

Time and Attendance is:

  • very flexible because it is easily adaptable to the Customer's organizational choices
  • user friendly because of its intuitive structure
  • intelligent because it guides the operator to find the best way to manage problems

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