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Time Sheet

ZTimesheet is the perfect solution for those who want to:

  • evaluate the viability of each project, job order, customer;
  • plan and monitor the activities of the resources used;
  • reduce administration and management times;
  • have at their disposal all the information to make the best decisions in the shortest possible time.

ZTimesheet allows tracking the work hours of personnel and the assignments, job orders and customers in order to check their profitability in a timely and extremely simple manner. After formulation of the workflow logic, ZTimesheet allows sharing data and information with all the company areas (management control, administration, human resources, production, finance) so that all users can perform their activities better, thus improving the entire process as a whole. 
ZTimesheet is a solution made according to the most up-to-date standards that allows you to have the best technological solution on the market with unique features: web based, available in desktop and mobile version, available on license or in Software as a Service mode, comes with Business Analytic tools.

The Mobile solution complete Ztimesheet System (evailable for all devices: smartphones and tablets).

The solution for completing timesheets with the use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
Even without a data connection, your collaborators can organise the daily hours for each customer, order, activity and easily submit them to the manager or project manager for approval. 
A photograph of the documents (reports, hard copies, etc.) can be attached to speed up the control and closing stages without having to wait for the documents to be delivered.

ZTimesheet enables all those involved in the process to manage and access the necessary information.


  • enter the hours worked from their computer, mobile device apps, totems, etc.;
  • have online all the information necessary to perform their job.

Project Managers and Production Managers:

  • organise and plan the resources and collaborators;
  • approve, modify or reject the requests entered by resources employed on job orders/projects;
  • have at their disposal a tool for immediately checking the performance of projects with extreme ease;
  • reduce the times necessary for the collection and processing of data relating to job orders, projects, customers, tasks, production orders, departments, branches, articles, teams;
  • check for any deviations from the budget in order to make appropriate corrections.
  • evaluate the viability of projects through an analysis of costs and revenues.


  • has a detailed and summarised analysis, also based on different time spans, and a support for making decisions and evaluating business performances;
  • make the processes more efficient and less costly, reduce repetitive activities and activities with low added value.

With ZTimesheet app you have multiple functionalities:

  • Insertion of events from calendar in a monthly, weekly or daily view
  • Easy insertion of events from ‘Preferred’ list
  • Assignment of events to job orders, activities, projects, clients etc
  • Utility of event/day copy
  • Timestamps, absence requests and anomalies overview
  • Timesheet validation
  • Monitoring of validation status
  • Control of actual working hours
  • Realtime presence timestamps
  • Realtime timestamps for start and end of activity
  • Realtime timestamps from QR code
  • Registration geolocation

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