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HR IT Services

HR Global Solution

The integrated database shared by all Zucchetti HR Infinity suite keeps all data constantly aligned and avoids errors and repetitive data entry, saving time:

personal and organizational data for employees and the company;

cost data concerning individual salaries and accessory costs for personnel from payroll procedures (i.e.: salary, bonuses, contributions, accruals, etc.)

personnel management and government cost data from other procedures (i.e..: training, recruitment, PPE, canteen, outsourcing, etc.)

Integrated management template

The solution offers an innovative template to increase the data information content on HR management. In fact, personnel cost is analyzed in all its components and dynamics to indicate "why" the cost changes and consequently identify the management policies that govern it. 
What can an integrated system do for your company? It resolves problems caused by solutions that "do not talk to each other” and that instead of facilitating business and promoting efficiency, produce complexities. It removes the technical constraints of traditional systems, which are often incompatible with one another, to design, build and manage the processes that integrate the administrative, organisational and development aspects of human resources within a single application.

Global HR Portal Solutions

Aggregate all of your career, health and wealth programs into a single user experience to reach all HR consumers – incorporating new and existing self-service tools to help drive desired workforce behaviors. Our robust HR portal solutions, coupled with our communication expertise, give you a platform to efficiently communicate with all HR “consumers”, including employees, managers, job candidates, retirees and the business. Our portals deliver desired messages and support informed decision making — while building the foundation for future growth.

The weight of management costs

HR management, along with all its processes and flows, is one of the most important and significant expense items of companies and includes various “hidden costs.”  Research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers showed that "hidden costs" can account for up to 65% of total expenses of HR management. For this reason we provide high-quality solutions that allow the HR Department to optimise the efficiency and performance of its management processes.
We support HR Departments because we are fully convinced that they are strategic contributors to the business goals, providing a new value proposition to give companies an efficient and flexible IT system aligned with the new "time-to-market" dynamics for planning, measuring, assessing and monitoring the processes.
An approach appreciated and recognized by the market, as evidenced by the major companies who have chosen us.

A wide range of solutions

  • Payroll
  • Workforce Management
  • Talent Management to manage the entire lifeccycle of employees
  • Travel Management for the entire management of business trip processes
  • HR Analytics that allows having all the information to make better decisions
  • Mobile revolutionises the way of communicating with employees

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